The Characters


is our innocent, naïve and seemingly brain dead protagonist.

Although Dookie has a positive attitude he seems to always be met with the worst of luck in any given circumstance,  but that doesn’t keep him from trying something again and again and again, long past the point of reason.

It’s safe to say that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Dookie-Poo is a magical ground burrowing creature known technically as “ELFCHIDNA”.
All the mature Poo’s have strong, claw like hands suitable for digging.

When Poo’s are born, er..hatched, they have no arms or legs but are capable of burrowing under ground and moving at great speeds by spinning and hopping. (see PELLETS)

No one knows where the Poo’s came from except for CRANKY-POO but he is so old he doesn’t remember.

I know his name can be a little misleading but Dookie is his name and Poos are what his people are. Er…not poo, like from a butt. Dookie gets really upset when people call him a turd. Wouldn’t you?

All the Poos in POOVILLE live in partially buried dirt homes called DIGLOOS™. That’s Dookie’s Digloo below. Sure it can get a little dirty, but the rent is reasonable!

Dookie also enjoys eating rocks and can see in the dark!

Cool huh?

Chorocco Tofu

Tofu isn’t really a Poo but she, er….he…um…it… lives in Pooville, known to be home to a wide variety of eclectic individuals. A Pink Pearl eraser shaped pat of gelatinous material, Tofu is a self-proclaimed genius and is constantly inventing things

Tofu used be a Pink CHOROCCO BRAND® Eraser that belonged to one of the smartest scientists in the world, XAVIER TOFU! Aside from becoming a sentient living being through a laboratory accident Tofu has also managed to retain all the knowledge it have ever erased. Kind of a hyper active genius.

Aside from an unpredictable expanding intelligence they also have certain advantages due to there inherent rubber nature. Obviously a certain amount of elasticity, particularly in the limbs, but can survive hi-impact situations and if they make a mistake they never have to look farther than my own hand for an eraser.

Tofu’s hyper intelligence is a nice compliment to Dookie’s almost nonexistent IQ. They balance each other out nicely.


Cranky Poo is the cantankerous, dried up old man of Pooville. He’s the grumpy fuddy duddy with endlessly convoluted tales of yesteryear. Just be sure to stay off his lawn!

Pellets are the children of Pooville.  Before a Poo sprouts arms and legs they start out as cute little Pellets that hop and bound about. They are all members of the Poo Scouts of which Dookie is a Den mother.

PooBoy is Dookie’s 10 year old nephew, or at least he thinks he is, and he is a member of the Poo Scouts. Poo-Boy loves his uncle Dookie and thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and while sliced bread may not seem that exciting to you or I it’s actually very exciting in Pooville.

Skrew the Pooch:
Probably the world’s smallest dog with the biggest chip on his shoulder. After so many years of being called “cute” and “tiny” he got fed up with not being taken seriously and he moved to PooVille where he is happily accepted by the citizens and is considered the tough guy.